My Meds Aren't Working


The Parade

Skin Like Iron

Nails/Skin Like Iron Split

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I don’t want to belong, I have no hope

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Oscar Dominguez - Le dimanche

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Sunday continues

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A wild Abbath appears.

Abbath uses crab-walk.

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I claim my life for my own and break the artificial chains that bind me
I shall throw off this yoke that binds and consumes my spirit
I will not be a slave to create their wealth with my blood and tears
I do not respect murderers that kill in the name of oppression and greed
I will work to end all tyranny and will help others at all cost to myself
I will not be alone, we will all accomplish this in life
we will all be free, no longer bowing as servants
we will all live - we will all finally be alive

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